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Brand : Delhi Make

Hsn Code : 3926

Model No. : PTSPVCS55

Reflection : Two way Reflective

Color : Red, Yellow, White

Minimum Order Quantity : 100 Nos

Weight : 100 Grams

Material : Pvc Body

Price Indicated : Per No

Dimension : 100 x90x 20 mm

Availability: In Stock

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Product Details:

Plastic Road Studs Dealers And Suppliersin  Bangalore

Unnathi Suppliers is a leading wholesaler and dealer of a wide range of road safety products, including the popular 3M road studs, in Bangalore. These highly reflective road studs are designed to enhance visibility and improve driving safety, especially in low-light conditions. Made from durable materials like ABS plastic and aluminum, the 3M road studs come in a variety of styles, including cat eye, solar-powered, and LED-illuminated models.

The 3M brand is renowned for its advanced reflective technology that efficiently bounces light back to drivers, making the road studs highly visible from a distance. Customers can choose from a range of stud colors, including yellow, white, and red, to suit different road markings and applications. Unnathi Suppliers also offers a variety of other reflective road safety solutions, such as ceramic road studs, plastic reflective road studs, and solar-powered reflective road studs. These products are ideal for highways, expressways, and other high-traffic areas, helping to reduce accidents and improve overall road safety.

In addition to supplying a comprehensive selection of road studs and reflectors, Unnathi Suppliers also provides professional installation services. Their experienced team ensures the road studs are properly fitted and aligned, maximizing their effectiveness and longevity. Customers can trust Unnathi Suppliers to deliver top-quality road safety products and exceptional service, making them a reliable partner for municipalities, construction companies, and transportation authorities in Bangalore.

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