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Brand : RSI

Hsn Code : 3926

Model No. : PTSPB700ECO

Reflection : Single Top Reflection Strip

Color : Red and Yellow

Capacity : 15 Leters / 20 Kg

Weight : 7 Kg

Material : PVC - Plastic

UOM : Number

Dimension : 1000 L x 700 H x 450 W Bottom step-250 MM

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Product Details:

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  • High Impact Resistant, Non-Fading, UV stabilized PE barriers
  • Highly visible around work zones, clearly channeling pedestrians & vehicles around hazardous areas, reducing exposure to public liability claims & worker injury
  • Quick and easy positioning of the barricade
  • Its lightweight allows two workers to quickly erect a wall in no time
  • No sharp edges or corners, smooth exterior finish deters graffiti

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